Arrival in Thailand

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Dear and Faithful Readers,

We are moored off Ko Samui, or Samui island, off the coast of Thailand. I will have a lot to report about this world-renowned country, but the Tenders are getting ready to ferry us to the island, so I will write more either this evening or tomorrow morning before heading into Bangkok. We’ll stay overnight in Bangkok, and I will resume blogging after that.

Briefly, it will be interesting to see how the tourist boom has affected this paradisiacal island. Chris was here 10 years ago when it was very rustic and unspoiled. Let’s see what a decade of tourism has done.

It is HOT… 91 F so far. Moving slowly….

… Sorry for the brevity and typos: Sent from remote on the phone.

Thank you!

Steven A. Armstrong
Tutor, Editor, Consultant, Member and Customer Services