Save our Vets and Net Neutrality, and other Pressing Issues!

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We have a lot of things to keep in prayers and demand action on at the moment. Just to name a few:

  • Stopping the mad Boko Haram in Nigeria
  • The Ukrainian Crisis fomented by Putin
  • The Coup in Thailand
  • Ongoing Poverty, War and Sickness
  • Corporate Greed, etc.
  • The Drug Cartels

(Certainly, the Benghazi Raid is not one of them…this is pure Republican BS.)

Jessica Urbina, Senior at Sacred Heart-Cathedral Prep in San Jose

Jessica Urbina, Senior at Sacred Heart-Cathedral Prep in San Francisco

Some good things happened this week too:

— Marriage Equality is gaining more and more ground.

— The SF Cathedral High student wearing a Tux for her Yearbook photo received an apology from the school

Robert Copeland

Robert Copeland

administrators for taking it out of the Yearbook, and will put it back in.
— Robert Copeland, the NH Police Commissioner who insulted all of us with his unapologietic racial slur against our President, resigned. Good Riddance. The right thing happened, and let’s all visit the lovely little town of Wolfeboro, NH. They stepped up, and condemned his remarks and attitude immediately.



Two of the issues we Americans can all take direction on are in the U.S. are the following.

Save Our Vets

It has now come out that the VA has criminally mis-managed Veterans’ Care in several locations around the U.S. We cannot let this go on. The first priority is to fix the system immediately. The second is to hold responsible, publicly, legally and criminally, those who made these horrendous, sometimes fatal decisions.

Please write your Representative and Senators immediately. If you aren’t sure how to do this, here’s a site that makes it easy! (My Representatives and Senators get regular emails from me, as you might imagine.)

Save Net Neutrality

The FCC this week floated a proposal to allow Paid Priority Internet, so that a company, say, Netflix, could pay the Internet provider to speed up their feed. Of course this means we would then have fast internet and slow internet. You know who will pay the price in the end: us. It will end up slowing the Internet access we have. Here’s what I wrote to my Representative and Senators, and to the FCC:

I categorically oppose any diminution in Net Neutrality, and ask you to stop the FCC’s proposal to allow any kind of Paid Priority Internet. I use the internet for work and home constantly.

The FCC suggests that allowing Paid Priority will be balanced by the ability to penalize any companies that do this unfairly. After so many years of watching corporations break regulatory rules, and the sometimes years and fortunes it takes to prosecute them, we must not be naive. Unethical corporations will cheat and try to get around the regulations every time, and dare us to stop them. The only motivation for a corporation is profits. Let’s not even let them get a foot in the door in the Internet.

One of the Sites that has the best information and action items is Here are some of their Graphics, to amuse and motivate you (click to see animation):

And here:

So let’s get busy! Time’s a wasting!

Steven A. Armstrong
Tutor, Editor, Consultant

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