Dispaches from Harlem


This is the first of a series of shorter postings while I am working in NYC!

I am happy to be back in New York, where I went to school at Fordham and the John XXIII Center from 1979 to 1981 and then several summers after that. Having been an Undergrad at Yale, I had spent some time in NY before that, notably coming down to see A Little Night Music with classmates one year, and twice eating the Seder with my friend Bruce’s Family in Peter Cooper Village on the Lower East Side.

During my time at Fordham, I got to know NY very well, at least the Bronx and Manhattan, and so am delighted to be back.

I’m working at the Rosicrucian Cultural Center in Harlem, and if you are in the Neighborhood, please drop by! It’s a great place.

2303 Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd (135th and 7th)
New York NY 10030
M-F 11:30am-7:30pm

Rosicrucians in New York City

New York, NY
278 Seekers

The Rosicrucian Cultural Center of New York City (RCC of NYC) offers a harmonious and nurturing environment imbued with spiritual values and welcoming of all ideas and individ…

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Thursday, Jun 19, 2014, 12:00 PM
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Harlem is now perhaps the friendliest place I have ever been in The City. ACP Blvd (7th Ave) is alive and bustling! With the heat, each night, there are impromptu cookouts on the sidewalk.

Langston Hughes Plaque on 135th St.

Langston Hughes Plaque on 135th St.

A few days ago I was walking down 135th and noticed that they have commemorative plaques in the sidewalk to honor great figures of Harlem. The one that caught my eye was Langston Hughes.  Some years ago, I worked with a Northern California author to publish her paper on Hughes in the Rose+Croix Journal. The paper, “Changing the Exchange” by Diane Dean Epps is excellent, and I recommend it to you highly, not only as an astute academic work, but as an introduction to this great American author.

More to come soon!

Steven A. Armstrong

Me at the Center!

Me at the Center!

Tutor, Editor, Consultant


2 thoughts on “Dispaches from Harlem

  1. Thank you Steven! I was just looking for pictures of the NYCC just last night, and couldn’t find any…lol, a co-ink-ee-dink???

    With my best wishes for a wonderful stay, and as always, Peace Profound

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