Change or Dystopia

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Global_Warming_CartoonContinuing my thoughts on our ongoing Ecological crisis, it has become abundantly clear that we have reached the end of the road. Not just about the Fossil Fuels Industry, but about our worldwide economic system as well. Allow me to elaborate.

Appellatio Fraternitatis, the historic 5th Rosicrucian Manifesto (2014).

Appellatio Fraternitatis, the historic 5th Rosicrucian Manifesto (2014).

As the 5th Rosicrucian Manifesto makes very clear, the most pressing problem in the world is Global Climate Change caused by human industry, and in particular, the Fossil Fuels Industry. If we do not solve this problem, all of the other world problems will pale in comparison.

Sooner, rather than later, all of our coastal cities are going to be impacted by rising sea levels. Venice will be gone, the Maldives will be gone. Millions and millions of people will be displaced. This is not theory. It is happening already and will only get worse.

Everyone with an open mind knows that this is happening. All we have to do is look around…is the weather the same as it was when you were a kid?  What is preventing us from acting? Why hasn’t the US signed the Kyoto Protocols? Why do so many in our Country deny what is obviously right in front of their faces?



One Answer:

The Fossil Fuels Industry.

The FFI is incredibly wealthy, and incredibly powerful. The perfidious Koch Brothers are only the tip of the Iceberg (one that unfortunately, is NOT big-oil-5-300x279melting). They are using their wealth to buy politicians and bamboozle the gullible part of the US population (a big segment). I used to respect the old Republican Party (Eisenhower, Rockefeller, Goldwater) even if I did not agree with them. The current crop are thoroughly bought and paid for by the FFI, and cannot deviate from the FFI Orthodoxy: Global Climate Change is a Hoax. And as if their hold wasn’t tight enough, the Koch Brothers and their ilk created the Astroturf fake Tea-Party to control any politicians who might want to stray from their Orthodoxy.

Do you remember the tobacco industry claiming for years, and “proving” it with their biased paid “scientific” studies that cigarettes had no connection to cancer and other diseases? This is exactly the same thing. Gov. Perry and his fellow Republicans are either dumber than dust, or, what is more likely, deliberately lying about Global Climate Change under the impetus of the FFI. And my own Democrats are incapable of doing anything effective about it, and are certainly themselves sometimes partiers at the FFI’s trough.

We have a brief and rapidly retreating moment of opportunity here, while the World’s democracies are still functioning. We can change things by legal means. It won’t be easy, as the evil and cunning of those running the world (the mega-corporations) is very old and powerful. If we do not act, here is the future:

The Hunger Games' Capitol

The Hunger Games‘ Capitol

As sea levels rise, the wealthy will relocate to high ground inland, and have a great time in many Hunger Games style Capitols, while the displaced millions migrate slowly further and further inland. The Capitol dwellers will buy up the new coastal land and sell it to the poor. With infrastructures destroyed and the weather worsening, the majority of the people will languish in “The Districts,” like sheep.  If you think those in “The Capitol” will care about what happens to the rest, you are dreaming. Think about the Saudi Royal Family and the Bushes…’nuf said.

So what do we do about this?

I have already elaborated a comprehensive plan in previous posts. I’ll be a bit more case-specific here.

Warren Buffet and the Gates.

Warren Buffet and the Gates.

1. The Good Wealthy–the Giving Pledge: Bill and Melinda Gates, Warren Buffet and (at this point) 127 other civic-minded Billionaires have pledged to give ½ their wealth in philanthropical work. I call upon them to put some of their great wealth into combatting the FFI money keeping the US from acting on Global Climate Change and freedom from fossil fuels. Until we can remove money from politics totally, we need to fight fire with fire.

2. Vote out any politicians of any party that won’t act effectively on Global Climate Change and Green Technology issues. We must break free of dependence on fossil fuels now. There’s no more time.

3. Impeach and Remove any Supreme Court Justice that will not remove Corporate Personhood from Corporations and will not go along with the means needed for the measures needed in #2. Remember that Impeachment and conviction/removal are political processes, not judicial. All you need is a simple majority in the House of Representatives and ⅔ of the Senate to remove someone for any reason we want.

4. Use the huge power of the media (TV, Film, Internet) to demonize the FFI and anyone trying to keep us from Green Technology and renewable energy. Just as we have made smoking a disgusting habit in our society, let’s make dependence on Fossil Fuels disgusting too.

religious-symbols25. The world’s religions and spiritual traditions must stand united in this fight. Stop worrying about who sleeps with whom, and enforce your already existing theologies of responsible stewardship of our planet. Denounce this Corporate Sin from the pulpit, and put all the other issues on the back burner for now.

Other Countries must take similar steps according to their social and governmental structures. Once we have accomplished energy independence and  stop the run-away CO2 and other emissions, we can set about trying to save our coasts, and reforming our political and economic systems.

If we do not do these things, the world as we know it is going to fade from memory. Really.

Let’s do it!

Steven A. Armstrong
Tutor, Editor Consultant

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