My DNA Results!

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I got my DNA results back from (a Christmas gift from Chris), and they are largely in accord with my family history as I know it.

First the percentages with my comments:

From the Old World: 91%
Great Britain-England, Scotland, Wales+Irish living in Britain 26%
Ireland 21%
Western Europe 16%
Scandanavia-Viking Raids 9%
Findland/NW Russia-Viking Raids 2%
Spain 16%
Sephardic Jewish 1%
Joined in the New World: 7%
Native American (Europeans + Native Peoples) 6%
Senegalese (Europeans + Slaves) 1%
Traces  (% approximate) 2% Indian Subcontinent 0.66%
Middle East – Greece? Balkans? 0.66%
Caucausus – Georgia? Armenia? 0.66%

Now as Charts:



How it fits my family narrative:

Culturally, I identify as Irish and Hispanic.

From my genealogical researches and family histories, the Spanish/Hispanic side of the family (Escontrias) came over with the Conquistadores and settled in the area that is now El Paso-Juárez (Texas/Chihuahua) in the early 1500s.

Some of my ancestors that were English/Scots/Welsh/Irish were among the first explorers to come to North America from Britain, in the late 1500s and early 1600s.

The final Irish part of my family (Cato/Armstrong) came first to Illinois before the Great Famine (Irishan Gorta Mór) and later made their way to El Paso. (Of course, the “famine” was largely inflicted on Irish Catholics by their British overlords.)

These facts are supported by the Old World DNA above. There was certainly admixture between Great Britain, Ireland, and Western Europe, and the Viking raids explain the northern contributions.

The Spanish heritage, with its small addition of Sephardic heritage is also consistent.

In the New World:

With so much time in North America, it is no surprise that the branches of my family would gather some Native American DNA over the centuries. Nor, tragically, is it surprising that there would have been some African DNA, since within the great evil of Slavery, the sexual use of slaves by slave owners was an evil corollary.


As for the trace amounts of DNA <1% from the Indian Subcontinent, the Middle East and the Caucasus Region, I have no theories, other than the general long interaction of these regions with Europe.

Just for Fun:

I thought a little photoshopping might provide some further insight into my Real DNA profile:



Thanks for reading!

Steven A. Armstrong
Tutor, Editor, Consultant



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