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Steven A. Armstrong, Tutor, Editor, Consultant

Language for You! is the Blog of Armstrong Tutoring, Editing, and Consulting in San Francisco.

Its Author is Steven A. Armstrong, M.A. Hum., M.A., M.Div. Here’s a bit more about him, and the services offered by Armstrong Tutoring, Editing and Consulting:

Steven is an Ivy League, Jesuit Trained tutor, author, editor, teacher, presenter, consultant, and counselor available for contract work locally and via the Internet. As he says:

“My mission is to provide top quality education, tailored to your individual needs and situations. As a tutor, editor, presenter, counselor, and consultant I will put my 40 years of professional experience to work for you: English, ESL, Ancient Greek, Latin, French, Spanish, Writing, Public Speaking, History, Philosophy and many other subjects: See my full profile on LinkedIn.

Notable Moments:

Tutoring, Brophy Prep, Yale University, Loyola High School, Fordham University, Weston (Boston College), Harvard Divinity classes, Holy Cross GOST classes, Rose+Croix University International, Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum, Rosicrucian Park, Byzantine Catholic Russian Center, Survived the Niaux Caves in Languedoc!

Armstrong Tutoring, Editing, and Consulting:

❧ If you need tutoring for your academic or professional work, I am available to help, either in San Francisco or via the Internet. I am also available to edit written work, and coach beginning writers. With many years of teaching, editing, and publishing (see my LinkedIn CV), I can assist you with ESL, French, Spanish, Latin, and beginning Ancient Greek tutoring, as well as English Grammar, Composition, Public Speaking, History, Religious Studies, Philosophy, Western Esotericism, Mysticism, Research, Study, and Library Skills.

❧ Levels: Middle School through Graduate School, Adult Learners, Professionals

❧ Also available as an Editor, Presenter, Spiritual Counselor, and Consultant.

Work Experience:

  • Armstrong Tutoring, Editing, and Consulting
    Tutor, Editor, Consultant, 2011 – present
  • Rosicrucian Park
    Administrator, Librarian, etc. (now Membership Services Specialist), 2001 – present
  • Brophy College Prep
    Instructor, 1976 – 1977
  • Society of Jesus
    Scholastic/Priest, 1977 – 2002
  • Loyola High School of L.A.
    Instructor, 1981 – 1984
  • Byzantine Catholic Russian Center
    Director/Pastor, 1987 – 2000
  • University of San Francisco
    Undergraduate Instructor, 1990 – 1991
  • University of San Francisco
    Graduate Instructor, 2000 – 2001
  • Rose+Croix University International
    Instructor, 2003 – 2010


  • Yale University
    BA: Combined Literatures, Latin and French, 1972 – 1976
  • Fordham University
    MA Hum.: Philosophy and Humanities, 1979 – 1981
  • College of the Queen of Peace
    Novitiate, 1977 – 1979
  • John XXIII Institute of Maryknoll Seminary
    MA: Eastern Christian theology, liturgy and history, 1981 – 1985
  • Boston Theological Institute (including Weston–now Boston University, Harvard Divinity, Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology)
    M.Div: Eastern and Western Christian theology, pastoral work, 1984 – 1987
  • Graduate Theological Union
    (ABD: PhD program):, 1991 – 2000
  • Brophy College Preparatory
    High School, 1968 – 1972

Where I’ve Lived:

Map of the places this user has lived

  • San Francisco CA
  • Phoenix AZ
  • New Haven CT
  • Santa Barbara CA
  • Bronx NY
  • Los Angeles CA
  • Cambridge MA
  • Salzburg Austria
  • Berkeley, CA
  • Oakland CA

Contact Me:

If you are interested in in-person tutoring, editing, or consulting sessions in San Francisco or online from anywhere, book a free preliminary online session and I will contact you.

Email:   stevenaarmstrongsf@gmail.com

Phone:  415-706-9384

Find Me At:

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