Services: Tutoring, Editing, Consulting, and More with 2017-2018 Specials!

2000px-Yale_University_Shield_1.svgArmstrong Tutoring, Editing, and Consulting (and More!)

If you are in Middle School to Grad School, or are a Professional or returning Adult Learner, email me for a free consultation to assess your needs and how I can assist you in your work.

Whether you need help with homework, understanding what you are studying, edits and coaching on a paper or project, or if you want to study a subject listed below on your own, contact me! With 40 years of experience teaching at almost every level, I know how to help you learn.

If you are interested in in-person tutoring, editing, or consulting sessions in San Francisco, book a free preliminary online session and I will contact you.


See My LinkedIn Résumé!

2017-2018 Special!

Purchase an 8-meeting introductory program in any of the tutoring services listed below, and save! 

8 hour meetings (regularly $50/hr = $400) 2013 Back to School package: $350.00 Paid in advance


  • Latin
  • Classical and Koine Greek
  • French
  • Spanish
  • English Grammar, Writing and Public Speaking for native speakers (see also Editing). If you have spoken English most or all of your life, and need to update your skills in one area or another, or really learn how our language works, let’s work together.
  • English for non-native speakers (see also Editing). If you speak, read, and write English, but need to perfect your American usage, I can assist!
  • Philosophy
  • History
  • Literature and Reading
  • Spirituality
  • Research and Study Skills
  • Test Prep
  • Other Subjects: Contact me! 

Customized for You:

I will work with you to design a curriculum to fit your time and needs. Begin with a free consultation this week! I am happy to assist with long-term learning and short-term projects and goals. I tutor clients who are taking the subject in school and need additional work, and also teach these subjects as a standalone learning experience. Even if you’ve never studied another language, and don’t have a clear sense of grammar, that’s no problem.


A la carte rates are normally $50/hour; however, I am very open to negotiating a package that will work for your budget. Let’s talk.  Watch this Blog for announcements of Other Specials, coming soon!


I have 40 years of experience, and have taught at the High School, Undergraduate, Graduate and Adult Learner levels. My clients range from Middle-Schoolers to current High School and University Students, to recent grads and professionals. I know how to make difficult subjects understandable (see my Recommendations page).


  • Copy Editing
  • Editing and guiding you through a Class paper, a Thesis or Dissertation. (No one can write your paper but you; however, I can edit and advise.)
  • Editing professional papers, articles, books, fiction, projects, presentations.
  • Re-writing and Ghost Writing (no work for academic credit in this category!)


Calculated according to the Average costs in The Writer’s Market, unless the project is very unusual, and then we would negotiate the price.


  • Consulting on any of the subjects above, and others listed in my LinkedIn Profile.
  • Historical, Cultural, and Language Consultation for authors, filmmakers, et al.


A la carte rates are normally $50/hour; however, I am very open to negotiating a package that will work for your budget. Let’s talk

Presentations, Workshops, and Classes:

I am an experienced presenter with many years’ experience. I will create a presentation, workshop or class for your event or group. Topics include:

  • Languages (see above)
  • Philosophy
  • History
  • Culture
  • The Arts
  • Spirituality
  • Other topics on request



Library Services:

I have been a librarian in many of the Institutions I have served. I want to put this experience to work for you, organizing your personal or professional collection. Let me know what you need and I’ll make a bid!

Other Services:

Over the years, I have acquired quite a bit of experience and expertise in many areas, including Customer Service, Volunteer Coordinating, and several other areas. I would love to put this experience at your disposal, and would be happy to work up a bid for your project.

Contact me today at

If you are interested in in-person tutoring, editing, or consulting sessions in San Francisco or online from anywhere, to start the process, text me at 415-706-9384, then we can book a free preliminary online session and I will contact you.

Special 8-hour package

Special 8-hour package--in person in SF or online


Standard Consulting and Tutoring Fee

Standard Consulting and Tutoring Fee--1 hour in person or online


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