Technical Advisor Services

The real Isis

The real Isis

Are you an author, a screenwriter, a director or producer for Film or Television, or a creator of Video Games or MMORPGs?

Is your story set in an historical period, or does it involve Religion, Spirituality, Esotericism, Mythology, Literature or Philosophy?

If so, I am available to work with you to provide authenticity in your plot elements, dialogue, settings, costumes, etc.

With a lifetime of both academic and personal experience in my areas of expertise, I am an Ivy League, Jesuit-Trained Consultant and Advisor ready to work for you! I was a member of the Society of Jesuits (the Jesuits) for 24 years, was ordained in the Melkite Greek Catholic Church, served on the Ecumenical Commission of the Archdiocese of San Francisco, and served as Pastor of the Russian Byzantine Catholic parish here for 13 years. I am also active in Esoteric Work. See my CV for more information, my academic background and degrees, and my publications.

Areas of Expertise:

Historical Periods:

  • Ancient Egypt (Pharaonic) and Roman Egypt, including Alexandria in both.
  • Ancient and Classical Greece
  • Ancient and Classical Rome & Roman Empire
  • Late Antiquity around the Mediterranean and in Europe (Late 3rd Century CE-Mid 7th Century CE)
  • European Middle Ages
  • East Roman Empire (Byzantine Empire), Mid-4th Century to 1453.
  • European (Italian) Renaissance
  • The Search for Atlantis
  • The Religions and Philosophies of these periods

Religion and Spirituality, including Religious History, Liturgy, Practices, Beliefs, Dress:

  • Roman Catholic Church
  • Roman Catholic Religious Orders both men and women (Jesuits, Franciscans, Dominicans, Benedictines, Carmelites, Augustinians, et al., Priests, Deacons, Brothers, Monks, Nuns–clothing, life and vocabulary)
  • Eastern Catholic Churches (Coptic, Ethiopian, Maronite, Syriac, Syro-Malankar–India, Chaldean-Iran/Iraq, Armenian, Syro-Malabar–India, Byzantine/Greek Catholic : Albanian, Belaruian, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Italo-Albanian, Macedonian, Melkite, Romanian, Russian, Ruthenian, Slovak, Ukrainian)
  • Eastern Orthodox Church (Constantinople, Finnish, Estonian, Crete, Mount Athos, Greek, Alexandrian, Antiochian, Jerusalem, Russian, Serbian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Georgian, Cypriot, Polish, Albanian, Czech and Slovak, Orthodox Church in America), including the Old Calendarists in schism.
  • Oriental Orthodox Church (Armenian, Coptic, Ethiopian, Eritrean, Malankaran, Syriac)
  • Church of the East (Chaldean, Malankar–St. Thomas–Christians of India)
  • Eastern Christian Monasticism of all Churches above, as well as clerical garb and life for these Churches
  • The Anglican and Protestant Christian Churches
  • Christian Scriptures and Theology
  • World Religions in General
  • Middle Eastern minority religions (Yazidi, Mandeans)
  • Ancient and Classical Greco-Roman Religion
  • Ancient Egyptian Religion, including Mummification
  • Neo-Paganism
  • Religion in America
  • The Calendar and Feasts of these Religious groups.
  • Mysticism and Shamanism in these groups and elsewhere


  • Rosicrucianism
  • Martinism
  • Tarot
  • Druidry (Ancient and Modern)
  • The Ancient Mystery Schools of the Mediterranean and beyond (Egyptian, Essene, Orphic, Delphic, Pythagorean, Eleusinian, Isis, Mithraic, Hermetism and Hermeticism, “Gnosticism,” Alchemy)
  • Esotericism in America


  • Egyptian
  • Classical Greco-Roman
  • Nordic


  • Pre-Socratic
  • Platonism
  • Aristotelianism
  • Neo-Platonism
  • Medieval Western Christian Philosophies, including Thomism and Scholasticism
  • Byzantine Christian Philosophy
  • History of Philosophy


  • Latin Literature (Ancient, Classical, Medieval, Renaissance, Modern)
  • Greek Literature (Ancient, Classical, Medieval, Renaissance)
  • British and Irish Literature
  • American Literature
  • Science Fiction
  • Heroic Fantasy (Tolkien, et al.)
  • Mystery
  • French Literature

To start the process, text me at 415-706-9384.

Contact me for rates (negotiable) and for any question.

If you are interested in my services, book a free preliminary online session and I will contact you.




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